3rd IEEE Conference on Applied Signal Processing, ASPCON 2023

Organising Committee

Chief Patron: Lakshman Chandra Seth
General Chair: Debangshu Dey (debanshudey@ieee.org)
General Co-Chair: Dilip Dey
Organising Chair: Susanta Ray (raysusant@gmail.com)
Organising Co-Chair: Palash Pal
Tech. Program Chair: Biswendu Chatterjee (biswendu@ieee.org )
Tech. Program Co-Chair: Biswarup Ganguly (biswarupgangulyee24@gmail.com),Ayandeep Ganguly
Publication Chair: Sovan Dalai (sovandalai@yahoo.com)
Publication Co-Chairs: Arpan Kumar Pradhan (arpan.pradhan85@gmail.com), Pratyay Konar
Finance Chairs : Subhajit Maur (subhajitmaur9153@gmail.com), Subrata Biswas (subratab28@gmail.com)
Hospitality Chairs: Nayan Manna
Publicity Chairs: Tridibesh Nag (tridibeshnag@gmail.com), Shouvik Mondal
Networking and Media Management Chair: Biswajit Chakraborty (biswajit.chakraborty1991@gmail.com)
Industry Liaison Chair: Arindam Kumar Sil (ak_sil@yahoo.co.in), Suddhasatwa Chakraborty (suddhasatwachakraborty@gmail.com)


The Signal Processing Society is an international organization whose purpose is to: advance and disseminate state-of-the-art scientific information and resources; educate the signal processing community; and provide a venue for people to interact and exchange ideas.

Contact Details

Biswendu Chatterjee
Phone:+91 9836043767
Email: biswenduc@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ieeespskolkata.com

Susanta Ray
Email: raysusant@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ieeespskolkata.com